Gospel Hacks PW Grand Special (For MAINSTAGE & KONTAKT)

The Gospel Hacks PW Grand brings you a super expressive Piano, based from samples of the highly coveted Classic Yamaha Motif, found in recordings by Robert Glasper, Maurette Brown Clark, Kim Burell, Jonathan Nelson, and many more

The PW Grand is based on The Famous Power Grand Piano from the Classic Motif, Now Available on Mainstage and KONTAKT with NEW SPECIAL UPDATES to take your performance to the NEXT LEVEL!

We are also offering a fully designed Mainstage performance interface, putting all performance parameters at your fingertips. Along with the PW Grand, in mainstage, we have included FREE Drum Loops, a lovely warm pad instrument and lush bell pad to sweeten the mix. Both pads can be layered with the PW Grand in a live situation to create an atmosphere as seen in this video. The PW Grand plays excellently in a church worship setting, and the pads provide the perfect soundscape to go with it. You will definitely Enjoy having this as a part of your arsenal.
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