Charles dickens webpage assignment

The theme for the web pages is Charles dickens.
1.Each page should have a 3 column layout.
2.Determine a design and create a CSS style sheet to create a nice looking layout for your Charles Dickens Site
3.Include a NavBar for the four pages. You should be able to navigate from any page to any other pages.
4.Feel free to use text from Wikipedia or other online resources for pages where you need text.
The Basics:
a. I need to create a homepage to go along with three other webpages.
b. This needs to include links to all the other webpages,
c. Use the provided ChristmasCarol video on one of your pages.
d. The example of what the website can look like in a PowerPoint that is attached to the file, but does not need to be. As well as some pictures and text files that can be used.
e. Using the info provided at the Adding a Facebook Like Button link, add a Like Button to your home page
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