Educators are unique in that they are required to prepare and present information to a group of learners from diverse backgrounds on a daily basis. In doing so, they must interact effectively with coworkers, clients, and students. The profile of a master educator will vary based upon individual strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and attitudes. Our national survey of school managers and directors, however, established that a number of attitudes and behaviors are required of educators to ensure success in the institution. First and foremost, they are looking for loyalty to the institution and its mission. They also seek educators who welcome advice and

counsel from their colleagues. At the top of the list was the constant pursuit of knowledge and professional development within the beauty industry and as an educator. They expect their educators to organize their work in advance and manage their time effectively. Educators who are self-confident authorities in their given field and maintain order and tranquility in their classrooms are also in demand. Employers are, of course, always seeking educators of high moral excellence who hold dear a set of moral principles and ethics that are above reproach. They have stated that it is essential for their educators to maintain dependable, regular attendance as well as a willingness to adapt to the daily, inevitable changes that occur in the industry. The dynamics of teamwork and cooperation among all personnel are also essential ingredients in the profile of a master educator. Based on the many years of experience held by the schools surveyed, it was established that to be a master educator, you must have strong personal desire and motivation. With desire and motivation, a certain amount of energy and enthusiasm comes naturally. These are also key ingredients necessary for success as a master educator. Schools are looking for educators who have developed their imagination and creative ability and who share that creativity in the classroom. They state that effective communications skills are needed to reach the variety of generations and backgrounds in today’s learners. 

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

• Understand the importance of developing the qualities and characteristics desired in a master educator.

• Perform the key concepts in time management and event control.

• Put into practice the strategies for building self confidence.

• Practice the steps for independent action and self-control.

• Implement the actions for self-motivation.

• Adopt behaviors necessary for developing enthusiasm.

• Practice the steps to developing a winning personality and positive attitude.
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