Soc 315 Week 2 Multicultural Matrix and Analysis Worksheet

Part II: Write a summary.

Part III: Format references consistent with APA guidelines.

|Part I: Matrix |What is the group’s history in the United |What is the group’s population in the |What are some attitudes and customs |What is something you admire about |

| |States? |United States? |people of this group may practice? |this group’s people, lifestyle, or |

| | | | |society? |

|Native American |There are many different Native American |There are over 30,000 Native Americans|Native Americans are typically patient.|I admire their fight to keep their |

| |tribes and each one is unique. Some Native|living in 16 urban areas of the United|They live a very spiritual lifestyle. |history and legacy alive. So many |

| |American history is taught in school. We |States, according to the Bureau of the|They are also group oriented |of their people have moved on with |
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