A city is sponsoring a run to support local charities and would like an application to track the pledges. The result will be a database that holds data on individuals, total pledges obtained, and the charity for which the donation is designated.
Create a GUI-based program to accept name of donor, name of charity, and amount of pledge from the user.
Display a list of entries in a JTextArea or JTable.

Design and implement a GUI-based program to accept a participant´┐Żs name, the amount pledged, and the designated charity's name. The program will store these data for later retrieval. The project will be completed in several stages, with the first deliverable due in Week Two.

Write a program to create a database from the data in the sequential file you created in Week Four.

* Modify the GUI to connect to this database and add entries to it and read entries from it. Entries read from the database should be displayed in the JTextArea or JTable.
Test and debug this final program.

* This class is the main method of the application which creates an instance of the DonorGUI class.
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