Early Learning - The Vedic Way

Early Learning - The Vedic Way contains over 100 activity ideas to keep young children productively and creatively engaged while simultaneously giving them a rich and spiritual Vedic cultural heritage. All activities are play based and hands on and can be easily set up for maximum fun and learning.

The first five years in a child’s life are the most crucial period in his development. In these early years, a child’s brain develops more and faster than at any other time in his life. The early experiences a child has – the things he sees, hears, touches, smells and tastes – stimulate his brain, creating millions of connections. This is when foundations for learning, health and behaviour throughout life are laid down.

Brain development is “activity-dependent,” meaning that the electrical activity in every circuit—sensory, motor, emotional, cognitive—shapes the way that circuit gets put together. Every experience–whether it is seeing one’s first rainbow, riding a bicycle, reading a book, sharing a joke–excites certain neural circuits and leaves others inactive. Those that are consistently turned on over time are strengthened, while those that are rarely excited may be dropped away.

All activities in this book engage maximum neural circuitry while still being connected to spiritual life, Vedic culture and Indian traditions. Some activities are simple and easily set up for children 1 year old or younger. Other activities are more challenging and aimed at kids 4-5 years. But all ideas are easily adaptable for any young child and can be made more or less challenging, depending on the child’s ability.

The activities have been grouped into 10 Vedic themes so that children learn spiritual concepts in a meaningful way. Each theme includes a bonus theme song, similar to a nursery rhyme, which young children can pick up and learn easily.

  • Over 100 activities that can keep your children busy and learning - every day.

  • Step-by-step guide for parents to create a spiritual environment at home that provides spiritual and intellectual engagement to the child through play

  • A two year curriculum for teaching Vedic culture to children under 6 years of age.

  • Activities suitable for 1-6 year olds.

  • Ten spiritual themes - each theme contains a song along with art, craft, sensory, construction, journaling and project based activities

  • Tips for parents to build critical thinking and problem solving skills in young children

  • Sensory Play recipes that can be made at home

  • 150 pages

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