LUMIX Cinematic LUT Pack

This pack consists of 5 Cinematic LUTs especially made for use with LUMIX footage - but they work with every other camera, too.
These LUTs give your footage a premium faded film look with a wide range of color changes, fitting all kinds of moods you want to achieve.


  • BNC - gritty and a little darker

  • BGK - a slightly different touch on the "teal&orange"

  • KSM - green and moody with lots of saturation

  • LIS - blue shadows and an overall sunny feeling

  • TSD - the ultimate summer LUT!

I included a special LUT for color correction flat picture profiles. You can just apply this LUT to your flat footage and it will bring back colors and contrast, you may just want to play with the intensity to make it fit properly.

Although I put a lot of work into making these LUTs, I cannot be 100% sure they work with all footage - so if you have any problem please let me know and I will be glad to help you fix it!
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