Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K Creative Looks

DELUTS BMPCC4K Creative Looks v3, Base transforms for use with Blackmagic 'Film' profile for use with DNG RAW, BRAW and ProRes.

Added shooting camera LUT with Highlight Recover for REC709, especially handy for ProRes delivery.

Added ARRI ALEXA Look conversions for in camera REC709 and LOGC and Post workflow.
Try burning in the ALEXA Look LOGC lut and then convert with standard LOGC to REC709 ARRI Luts. (Version 1.0)

84 Luts designed for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (This set is also compatible with Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6k & Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6k Pro using 'Film' profile)

• 4 Base Tranforms when working with the Blackmagic Film profile.
• 9 Monotone Creative Looks
• 68 Colour Creative Looks
• 2 Shooting Highlight Recovery LUTs
• 1 Gamut Conversion Only

Used on:

Note: Highlight recovery across all looks in v3. v2 remains fullrange unless limited by creative look. 'v1' are still included in the optional .zip download (DELUTS BMPCC4K v1 v2) for those who want to add additional contrast and highlight/luma range recovery manually.

Two Zip downloads availble.

Davinci Resolve Legacy .cube format Luts. For use in FCPx (Version 4 or Higher), Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe Photoshop, Davinci Resolve and many more supporting applications.

Luts supplied in x64, x33 and x17 resolution. Use x64 for Davinci Resolve, x33 for FCPx and limited adjustment layers with Adobe Premiere CC, x17 for Adobe Premiere CC general use.

Looks dropped from v3:
Brimbank, Calder, Deanside, Eira, Salmon, Waverley, Werribee, Westernport, Westgate.

Copyright: Miller Creataive LTD, DELUTS, James Miller