5 FREE SHAKES [After Effects]

Its been almost ONE WHOLE YEAR since I've released my FCP transition pack and I thought that it might be time for me to release another pack of some sort! This shake pack has 5 FREE shakes that you can download today! However, I've made 11 shakes for this pack! If you are inclined to, I have the other 6 on my sellfy for only ONE DOLLAR!! (thats not one dollar per shake, its one dollar for the other six!)

The 5 FREE shakes are:
[L] Horizontal Shake
[R] Horizontal Shake
Vertical Shake
[L] Vertical Shake
[R] Vertical Shake

(Note that these files were made with AE CC 2018. If not compatible with older versions, ill use my copy of AE CC 2015 and remake them all, no charge! Just be sure to contact me!)

PURCHASE THE OTHER 6 FILES: https://sellfy.com/p/8Vok/
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