PSY 225 Week 2 Resilience Presentation

PSY 225 Week 2 Resilience Presentation

 PSY 225 Week 2 Resilience Presentation


Prepare a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® (guideline; use the number of slides needed) presentation that illustrates how people create growth and find meaning out of trauma and suffering.

Create a mock case study of a client who is a survivor of a traumatic event and who has overcome the experience, and is now demonstrating resilience and overall wellbeing.

Include and discuss the following concepts:




Introduce the concept of resilience (what is it, why is it important, how does it apply to positive psychology?). 

• Describe the event the client experienced.

• Discuss how the client interpreted and overcame the event by use of meaning-making, sense-making and benefit-finding

• Discuss the post-traumatic growth the client experienced.

• Explain the role of resilience in protecting wellbeing.

• Define terms within the main body of the presention and explain how

they apply (resilience, meaning-making, sense-making, benefit-finding,

and post-traumatic growth). You will need citations for your definitions

and any other theoretical material.

• Definitions can come from the textbook or other references, but

make sure to use psychology sources.  Don’t just quote; show that you understand what the terms mean in your own words.


Guidelines for Presentations:

• Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.  If you quote, make sure to cite.

• You must add Speaker Notes to each slide. If you were speaking to

a group, what would you say?

• Include the following: Slides for title, introduction, each main topic,

conclusion, and reference slide.

• Case study can be included as a separate word document instead of

speaker notes (150 -350 words), but then make sure to still include the

slide including a summary in the power point with a “See Word

Document” note under Speaker’s Notes.

I am looking for a well organized presentation.  I suggest that you first make an outline of topics and main ideas for each, then review what you have and adjust as needed.  If you were in the audience, would you be able to follow the presentation?  Would you find it to be interesting?

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