NRS-410V Module 1 Assess your Knowledge of Foundational Concepts

NRS-410V Module 1 Assess your Knowledge of Foundational Concepts
Pathophysiology and Nursing Management of Clients Health - Introduction to Pathophysiology and Nursing Management
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Assess your knowledge of foundational concepts essential to the nursing management of client health by taking the interactive quiz, located in the media "Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation."

The quiz is designed as a tool for self-assessment.When you encounter questions that seem vaguely familiar, click on the media's study materials, which are organized by topic (e.g., anatomy, biology, chemistry, pharmacology). This media will serve as a refresher for the concepts that build upon one another in nursing practice.

You will have the opportunity to retake the quiz until you achieve a passing score of 100%.

Once completed, please save your results and submit to the instructor.
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