11 Minute Audio Subliminal MP3 Download

A Just Listen Subliminal

Headphones Are Optional

Voiced Affirmations In Music:

No Rules No Borders No Boundaries

You Easily And Naturally Disassemble

And Reassemble Yourself Somewhere Else

You Easily Penetrate Any Temporary Field

No Thing Can Impede Your Location

Accuracy And Will Power

Your Inner And Outer Defense Shield

 Is Bullet Proof

Nothing Can Reduce Your Aiming Accuracy

You Easily And Naturally Levitate And Fly

You Easily Vanish In Thin Air And Return At Will

You Easily And Naturally Pass Through Walls And Doors

You Easily And Naturally Walk On Water

You Easily Manipulate Wind Flame Heat Fire And Water

You Easily And Naturally Create And Throw Fire Balls

You Have The Ability To Alter Concentrate Disperse

Or Manipulate Light Energy Such As

Moonlight Sunlight Firelight Or Light Of Magical Origin

You Have The Ability To Call Down

Lightning From The Ambient Electrical Energy In A Storm

You Are Equipped With Natural  

Teleportation Navigation Time Travel

Anti Gravity Penetrating Intuitiveness Interstellar Abilities

You Have The Ability To

Divert Objects Of A Fixed Or Unfixed Trajectory

You Have The Ability

To Close Off Your Mind To Unwanted Intrusion

You Have The Natural Ability To

Make Yourself Objectively Optically Invisible +

You Easily Move Across Dimensional Barriers

You Easily Effect The Operation Of

Electromagnetic Energy Field Of An Electrical Device

Or The Circuitry Of  An Electronic Device

Mind Alone Mind Over Matter

You Generate Energy Perpetually

You Easily And Naturally Defy Gravity

You Have The Ability To Create A Double Of Yourself

Physical Or Otherwise In Another Place And Or Time

I Am You Are In Harmony With The Natural World

You Clear And Release Blockages

You Unlock Your Psychic Potential

Soul And Body Are In Complete Harmony

You Naturally Adhere To

Any Solid Surface Such As Walls Or Ceilings +

You Have The Ability To Respirate Through Water

You Have The Ability To Understand Any Form Of Language

You Are A Natural At Path Finding

You Detect Actions And Events In Other Dimensions

You Have The Ability To See In Total Darkness

You Have The Ability To Effect The Flow Of Time

By Slowing Accelerating Reversing Or Stopping It

You Have The Ability To Lift Off The Ground To

Ride Air Currents Or To Fly Self-Propelled Through The Air

You Naturally Move Run Fly React

Think And Sense At Hyper Sonic Speed

You Have The Ability To Be Present

Anywhere And Everywhere Simultaneously

You  Have The Ability To Know Anything And Everything

You Have The Ability And Power To Shape Shift
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