Managerial Accounting: E5-11 Mackenzie Chemicals has developed a new window

Managerial Accounting 
E5-11 Preparing a direct materials purchases budget 
Mackenzie Chemicals has developed a new window cleaner that requires two ingredients, AM972 and CA38. Based on forecasted sales, Mackenzie has developed the following budgeted production for the coming year. 
1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter 1st Quarter Next Year 
Forecasted production (gallons) 5,000 7,500 9,000 12,000 6,000 

Each gallon of window cleaner requires 100 ounces of AM972 and 28 ounces of CA38. An ounce of AM972 costs Mackenzie $0.15. An ounce of CA38 costs the company $0.25. 
Mackenzie’s inventory policy requires ending inventory equal to 20 percent of the next quarter’s production needs. At the beginning of the year, Mackenzie expects to have 80,000 ounces of AM972 and 30,000 ounces of CA38 on hand. 

Prepare Mackenzie’s AM972 purchases budget for the coming year. 
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