VCT 330 Week 2 Learning Team: Storyboard

VCT 330 Week 2 Learning Team: Storyboard

 VCT 330 Week 2 Learning Team: Storyboard

Part I: Storyboard

Review the topics and objectives listed for each week in the syllabus. Your team’s goal is to create a web gallery that demonstrates your team’s mastery over the Photoshop® CC® techniques you have learned in each week.

Use Adobe® Photoshop® CC® to create a preliminary storyboard of what you intend to include in this gallery. The storyboard should consist of at least four Photoshop® images (i.e. four files), one for each week of the course (Weeks Two through Five).

Use the Pencil Tool, the Pen Tool, Type tools, or other Photoshop® tools to create the storyboard. At a minimum, your completed gallery is expected to demonstrate the following:




Use of selections, layers, filters, layer styles, and color adjustments


Mastery of image editing


Submit your Storyboard (PSD file) to the Assignment Files tab.

Note: The Storyboard will be included in the output PDFs due in Week Five.
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