MTH 233 Week 4 DQ 2

MTH 233 All Weeks DQs :

MTH 233 Week 4 DQ 2
 Type I and II Errors
2.  Think of a major decision you have made.  What factors helped you to make that decision? How can you relate a Type I or Type II error to your decision? What were the ramifications of the decision?
For example, in 1995, I was thinking about moving from Florida to Arizona.
HO:  Move to Arizona
H1:  Stay in Florida
A type I error would be to stay in Florida when I should have moved to Arizona.
A type II error would be to move to Arizona when I should have stayed in Florida.
If I had stayed in Florida, I would have probably not had some of the job and educational opportunities that I have here in Arizona.  However, my increase in home value in Florida would have been much higher than in Arizona (especially in this economy).
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