900+ Bold Vector Glyph Icons for Designers and Developers.
Included formats: PNG, SVG, AI, EPS, CSH, PSD and CSS webfonts are also in, 1 font (4 file formats) per category.

-- All icons are designed on a precise custom grid, to guarantee consistency and clean display across all resolutions provided.

-- Many categories are included, from generic use like arrows and universal signs to medical, science, computers, telecommunication, media, sound, transport, design and more (see below).

-- Raster (PNG) and vector formats (AI, SVG, EPS, CSH and PSD), all saved and processed at multiple sizes (from 32px to 512px). Also included are CSS webfonts for each category. Of course you can customize your own font using the SVG files provided.

-- Future updates of the pack will always be FREE for those who purchase, even if price is affected.

You can preview all the icons in detail here: or on Or preview them by category:

-- Generic:
-- Computers and Other Tech:
-- Design:
-- Music and Sound:
-- Movie and Video:
-- Office and Business:
-- Phones and Communication:
-- Money and Finance:
-- Photography:
-- Transport:
-- Shopping and Ecommerce:
-- Science and Medicine:
-- Signs:
-- Social and Logos:
-- Travel:
-- Weather:
-- And Misc:

You can also purchase single icons via Iconfinder if you feel you don't need them all and just want to pick what you need. For questions and inquiries please feel free to send me a message.

Download the FREE Glypho Sampler Pack here:
(Includes a few icons from the pack in SVG and AI formats)
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