LDR 531 Week 3 Mentorship Meeting Worksheet


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LDR 531 Week 3 Mentorship Meeting Worksheet

Please complete this sheet with your mentor and submit it to your instructor.

Date of Meeting:

Meeting Duration:

1. Meeting notes – what was discussed during your meeting?

2. What issues have you encountered since the last meeting and how did you address them?

3. Discuss one strategy your mentor has used in the past to manage a conflict. Why did he or she choose this method? How well did this method work? How could he or she have improved on the chosen method?

4. Discuss the communication challenges of groups and teams with your mentor. What challenges does he or she find most common? What strategies does he or she use to address these challenges?

I confirm that this session occurred to my satisfaction (both signatures preferred):

Name (Mentor) and Date:

Name (Mentee) and Date:
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