ionFullApp 9Bitcoin Crypto Currencies

ionFullApp 9Bitcoin Crypto Currencies


9Bitcoin is a Nice ionFullApp Ionic2 in my Nice ionFullApp series. It's a premium Theme, design for easy to customize and ready to use. It's already integrated with plugins **QRCode Scanner**, **Camera**, small server to get information from ****, Real-time check exchange value, Nice animations, D3 Charts ready etc. All ready to use, you just change neccessary color and update neccessary information, and everything will run smoothly.

About me

My name is Quang Anh. I'm a full stack developer (NodeJS + frontend).
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1. Splash
2. Market Cap (Home)
3. Signin
4. Messages
5. Conversation
6. Contact Books
7. Coin List
8. Send
9. Exchange
11. Coin Detail
12. Wallets
13. Transaction History
14. Settings
15. Menu

Test before you buy


  • Full ionic2 source code (you may compile it to any platform, as you wish + change the source)

  • Full source code of a tiny server that serve information api from

  • Free maintain & upgrade

User Guide


- 19th Dec 2017: Update guide.
- 14th Dec 2017: Publish (Ionic v3.9.2, Angular 5.0)


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