Supporting Children as They Grow

After watching the videos, respond to the questions below in a 750-1,000 word evaluation.
Supporting Children as They Grow: Middle Childhood
1. What did you notice about the strategies Ms. MacLean used to teach her students about observation and data collection?
2. How are these strategies particularly appropriate to young children?
3. What strategies did Ms. MacLean use to assess her students’ learning? 
4. What do you think a teacher can learn about students’ thinking from strategies like these? 
5. How did Ms. MacLean’s teaching develop her students’ readiness as well as respond to where the students are developmentally?

Supporting Children as They Grow: Later Childhood
1. What did you notice Mr. Mixon doing to encourage his students’ development of hypotheses?
2. How did Mr. Mixon’s teaching support his students’ development of formal operational reasoning or abstract thinking?

Supporting Children as They Grow: Adolescence
1. What do you feel is most effective about how Mr. Gillam encouraged his students to evaluate evidence, draw inferences, and predict outcomes?
2. How did Mr. Gillam’s teaching help his students deepen their formal operational reasoning?
3. What did you notice about the additional abilities of students at each developmental level?
4. What are older students capable of that younger students were not yet ready to do?
5. What do you think helped them develop these abilities? 
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide

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