IT 241 Week 9 Planning a Wireless LAN

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IT 241 Week 9 Planning a Wireless LAN
In the final project, you assume the role of a wireless network consultant working for a company named Apex Designs. You helped the company determine that installing a wireless network in five of their office buildings would be cost-effective and beneficial.
The company wants each of its 345 employees to connect their laptops to the wireless network anywhere within the five buildings. Your task is to present Apex Designs with a plan that outlines how you intend to design their wireless network.
This assignment asks you to develop a wireless network design plan for one of Apex Designs’ buildings. Complete the recommended steps for designing a wireless LAN and create a wireless security policy. Apex Designs has already completed some of the plan’s components, but you must complete the remaining elements.
Resources: Appendix A; CWNA Certified Wireless Network Administrator Official Study Guide
Select one of the five floor plans in Appendix I. Use the data gathered in the Floor Plan Site Survey assignment to determine the floor plan you want to use in your final project. You will use this floor plan throughout your final project.
Use the template in Appendix J to compile the following components of your wireless network plan:

  • Deployment Scenario

    • Determine the correct deployment scenario for your network.

    • Provide a rationale for the scenario you selected.

    • Identify the hardware components your wireless network will utilize. You may select components from the Wireless Network Components assignment.

    • Provide a rationale for how you will use each component in your network.

    • Estimate the approximate cost of each component in your network.

  • IEEE Wireless Network Type: Apex Designs has indicated that an 802.11n LAN will be implemented.

  • Access Point Management: Apex Designs will use thin access points to simplify the management of the wireless LAN. Thin access points allow managing the wireless network from one central location rather than to be configured separately for each access point.

  • Location of Wireless Devices

    • Develop a network performance impediment report using the data from the Floor Plan Site Survey assignment. The report must discuss any impediments to network performance located in the floor plan you selected.

    • Include large items such as filing cabinets, concrete walls, or other objects that might interfere with the performance of your wireless network.

    • Use Appendix I to place access points and switches in the proper locations on your floor plan. You must provide a strong, continuous signal to the entire floor.

    • Draw the necessary network cables between access points and switches using the drawing tools in Microsoft® Word.

  • Wireless Security Policy

    • Identify the types of security your wireless network will implement. Your security policy must include at least two of the security protections listed in Ch. 13 ofCWNA Certified Wireless Network Administrator Official Study Guide.

    • Write a one-half-page summary for each protection and include an explanation of why you selected it.

    • List the vulnerabilities of each protection you selected.

Format references and in-text citations consistent with APA guidelines.
Post Appendices I and J as separate Microsoft® Word attachments.
Submit your assignment.
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