Build a Small ASP.Net Web Site

Build a Small ASP.Net Web Site

In short, build a quick website, publish it to a directory, package both the source and site in a zip and email it to us.  Here’s the details:

Use an edition of Visual Studio 2008.  You can get a free 90-day trial of VS 2008 Pro at:  Express versions are also available.

Provide the results to us in a zip file.  Email it to us.

The zip file must include all source code necessary to rebuild and republish the website.  The source code must not be obfuscated.

The zip file must also include the published website itself, ready to run via IIS when we set up a virtual directory for it on our test system.  The test system will be running Windows XP SP3 with a default installation of IIS, using IE8.

The website must be an ASP.Net website consisting of .aspx pages with C# code-behinds targeting the .Net 3.5 framework.

The website must consist of three distinct .aspx pages, starting with Default.aspx

On the first page, the user must see a label, a text box in which to enter a string, and a button to click to go to the next page.

On the second page, provide a simple UI to let the user enter a dynamic list of additional strings.  The structure of the UI is up to you, but the goal is simply to let the user define a list of one or more additional strings.  Do not put a limit on how many strings the user can enter.  Again, also provide a button for the user to click to go to the next page.

On the third and final page, report on the results by showing a table with two columns.  The first column will show the row number.  The second column will show all the strings entered on the second page, one per row, each prefixed with the string entered on the first page.  For example, if the user entered “A” on the first page, and the strings “B” and “C” on the second page, the content of the results table would be:


The website must NOT use a database back end.

The website must NOT write to files.

The website must NOT use query strings.  (The address bar of the browser must show the page address, no further information)

Style all three pages with CSS.
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