Wanderlust Presets

This pack contains 8 total presets. They all are based on creating desaturated, high contrast, warm, adventure/lifestyle type content. They work great for both landscape/nature and portrait photos. 

  1. Wanderlust 1 | Focuses on the colors orange and teal. Gives a nice balance of each in the shadows and highlights. Creates a very appealing aesthetic of added color. Best for golden hour shots. Medium amounts of contrast.

  2. Wanderlust 2 | Much like "Wanderlust 1", this preset will give you a balance of orange and teal in the shadows and highlights. Only difference is the yellows and oranges are more prominent than the blues. More contrast, more grain.

  3. Wanderlust 3 | This preset is meant to give a more natural look. There is a bit of contrast and clarity as well as luminance within the primary colors. Creates a fun, light, airy look.

  4. Wanderlust 4 | Heavily saturated yellows. I took almost every bit of green and made it yellow/orange. Perfect for nature/forest shots. Definitely a bit of contrast as well as grain in this one as well.

  5. Wanderlust 5 | A lot more moody than the rest of the presets. I love this one because if I want a darker image, this preset will balance out the saturation and lighting to give a well rounded under exposed image.

  6. Wanderlust 6 | I used this preset on one of my most favorite images in Washington. There is a heavy contrast over top with some serious warm tones.

  7. Wanderlust 7 | Decided to switch it up a bit and go for some green tones. This preset was used on a photo to make it look pretty similar to Iceland or New Zealand. The dark greens with the high contrast gives such a wanderlust image.

  8. Wanderlust 8 | Similar to the first two, this preset will emphasize orange and teal, however there is a ton of grain and contrast to give you a very rough, film, adventure look.

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