GEN 127 Week 1 GameScape Reflection

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GEN 127 Week 1 GameScape Reflection

Review the Week 1 GameScape simulation, "Starting Out."

 Complete the Reflection Questions at the end of the simulation (Interactive Video).

 Be sure to answer each question comprehensively and meet the word count requirement: A minimum of 50 words per response. You are welcomed and encouraged to exceed the word count when answering the questions.

 Edit your work carefully.  Read your responses aloud.  How do they sound?  Did you comprehensively answer each question? How is the grammar? Punctuation? Spelling?  Remember: Mechanics counts toward your grade!

 Change any lowercase "i" to "I" and "u" to "You."  Never use texting when writing a college level response. 

 Follow the prompts and save your GameScape Reflections to your desktop as a .pdf document. 

 Submit the PDF file of the questions you completed in the Week 1 GameScape simulation to the Assignment Files tab in the Week One GameScape Assignment.