Choosing the Right Job

Choosing the Right Job

Review the following scenario and identify the advantages and disadvantages that exist for each job opportunity. Use your analysis to write your “Choosing the Right Job” paper, due in Week Five.

Mary can hardly believe it! Graduation day has finally arrived. This is the day she has been waiting on, for four long years. Now, her hard work and dedication have paid off. Not only is she graduating with her college degree, she has received two job offers. What else could a person ask for? This is a dream come true.

As soon as she’s finished celebrating, she knows she must sit down and weight out her options and decide which job to accept. Following are her options:

• Job offer number one is an opportunity to work as a Psychological Associate at a small family owned rehab center. The organization is small with a total employee base of 20 people. Everyone is friendly and on a first name basis with President and owner. The owner is conscientious and works hard to mentor each employee. The company has been in existence for 15 years and has added five new employees during the past year as it continues to grow. They offer a competitive salary of $45,000 with raises promised once a year with periodic bonuses. The job also offers health and dental insurance along with two weeks paid vacation.

• The second job is with a large, well-known insurance company as a Patient Liaison. In total the company employs approximately 300 employees. The job pays $40,000 and includes annual raises for good performance. The benefits package includes company paid insurance and tuition reimbursement. Employees receive one week vacation the first year and three weeks’ vacation thereafter. In addition, the job offers 401K with an employer matching contribution.

Which job offers the best start for Mary?
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