Saturday AM #21

The WAR is coming --- Saturday AM #21 IS HERE!
It's back
Y'know you missed it but we've got your fix!
Saturday AM #21 features:
-The first glimpse of SATURDAY WARS, the long in development manga webcomic crossover.
-Apple Black (hope you read the Saturday TANKS - Apple Black Vol. 1 because it's BACK WITH NEW STORIES!!)
-Saigami (one of our BIGGEST SERIES and the feature of our next Saturday TANKS, Saigami Vol. I is coming)
-The debut chapter of our newest WEBCOMIC, Z FOREVER by Mark Reid
-The 1st installment of Wally Nguyen's Comatose spin-off OMNICONSCIENCE
-The first part of our of month's long discussion about the State of Webcomics featuring an interview with Webcomic Underdogs co-founder, Michael Yakutis.
And more including GAMES!
This is it!
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