world To Viewport Transform

world To Viewport Transform

In this question you need to implement the function worldToViewportTransform

The function implements a 2D orthographic projection matrix, which is used for the (world)window-to-viewport transformation. In OpenGL this matrix is defined by gluOrtho2D.

Input are the coordinates of the world-window (winLeft, winRight, winBottom, winTop), the top-left corner of the viewport (window) on the screen (windowX, windowY), and the size of the viewport (window) on the screen (windowWidth, windowHeight).

Output are the values A, B, C and D which constitute the world-to-viewport transformation.

The answer needs to use the function format below - copy it and fill out the missing code. The function uses pointer variables for the values A, B, C and D since Coderunner does not seem to accept C++ notation - the code segment below converts the pointer variables to double values and back, so you don't need to understand how pointers work

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