MM207-06 Unit 4 Project_A+

a.    The number of oil spills off the East Coast  discrete (countable)




b.    The number of touchdowns in the 2007 Super Bowl  discrete (countable)




c.    The temperature in degrees Fahrenheit on December 31 in New York City continuous (measureable)




d.    The blood pressure of Statistic student in a class one hour after the final exam continuous (measureable)




e.    The age of the youngest student in an English grammar class continuous (measureable)



2.  Decide whether the distribution is a probability distribution. If it is not a probability distribution, identify the property that is not satisfied. (References: example 3 and 4   page 197, end of section exercises 25 - 28 page 202 - 203)  (5 points)


This distribution is NOT a probability distribution.  The probability of each variable is not between 0 and 1 AND the sum of the probabilities does not equal 1.



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