PSY 452 Week 2 Research Paper

Topic: Non-Experimental Approaches


It is imperative that psychology students learn how
to navigate through the GCU eLibrary to locate and evaluate relevant primary
sources for research. This assignment will assist you in learning how to
conduct proper research.


Access the GCU eLibrary ProQuest Psych database.
Refer to the Library Resource to assist you.


Choose a topic to research relevant to this course.


Locate 5 relevant articles that are actual research
studies on a topic of choice.


For only one of the articles, in a Word document,
include the following:


1. A summary (250-300 words) of the study.


2. A brief analysis/evaluation (literary
contribution and methodology) of the study (250-300 words).


Copy and paste the article citations and abstracts
into a Word document to submit to the instructor:


Rough Draft- Submit the assignment to the
instructor by the end of Day Three of Module 1 through email. The instructor
will provide feedback on the research articles to ensure they are actual
research studies by the end of Module 1. You will use this feedback to revise
your search, if necessary.


APA format is not required, but solid academic
writing is expected.

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