PseudoEngram v1.0.0

PseudoEngram v1.0.0

Title: PseudoEngram
Author: ThePurpleHoser
Descreiption: This is an imitation of vk2gpz's original Engram plugin, which was featured on TimelessPvP minecraft server.

Dependencies: Essentials, TokenEnchant


  • /engram help : displays this help menu.

  • /engram reload : reloads config file.

  • /engram setnpc <name <true|false : create an PseudoEngram NPC.

  • /engram give <player <tier <amount : give <player <amount of <tier engram.


  • engram.reload : allows you to execute reload command

  • engram.npc.create : allows you to create the Rubix character

  • engram.give : allows you to execute give command

To install PseudoEngram plugin, first unzip  This file contains PseudoEngram.jar (plugn itself) and various sample .yml files which defines items to be won in different tiers.

Just drag and drop PseudoEngram.jar file into your plugins folder along with .yml tier files.
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