Still Electric tow tracto : R0734, R0736, R0737, R0807, R0809, R0810 Workshop Service Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Workshop Service Manual for Still Electric tow tractor Type R07, R08.

Original factory manuals for Still Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable and contains Searchable Text

Covered models:

Format: PDF, 202 Pages
Language: English

    0 Product information
        Safety instructions Electrical system
        Safety guidelines
        Maintenance instructions
        Service plans
        Maintenance — 1000 hours/year
        Maintenance — 2000 hours/twice a year
        Maintenance — 5000 hours/every three years
        Recommended lubricants
        Standard torques
        Tightening torques by section
        Display plain text messages
    22 Drive axle
        Drive axle
        Drive axle
        Drive axle in detail
        Drive axle — sensor system
        Removing and installing the drive axle
        Disassembly and assembly of the axle casing to rework the bearing seating .
        Drive axle wheel suspension
        Engine cooling fan in detail
        Engine cooling fan
        Draining and filling the gearbox oil
        Gearbox breathers
    34 Driver's compartment
        Driver's cabin
        Cab in detail
        Removing and installing the cab
    42 Steering system
        Power steering
        Front axle in detail
        Removing and installing the front axle
    46 Wheels and tyres
        Wheels and tyres
        Filling the tyres
        Winter tyres
        Special removal tool
        Removing and installing the front wheels
        Removing and installing the drive wheels
    49 Brake installation
        Brake installation
        Mechanical service brake
        Footbrake pedal
        Main cylinder circuit (brake fluid) in detail
        Brake master and servo cylinders
        Front brake pads
        Front brake disc and calliper
        Measuring wear on front brake disc
        Bleeding the brakes
        Brake booster
        Electric parking brake
        Servo cylinder and parking brake circuit (hydraulic fluid)
        Adjusting the parking brake
        Drive axle brake shoes
        Changing the brake lining
    50 Controls
        Accelerator pedal
        Preassembling the accelerator pedal
        Operating devices and display elements
        View of the driver's compartment
        Display unit
        Switch panel
    60 Electrics/electronics
        Electrical control
        EMC- Electromagnetic compatibility
        AC Control - operating principle
        LAC 24 (127-03)
        Control unit for the fan housing and cooling system housing
        LAC 24 wiring
        Fuses 127-03
        Main contactor (127-03)
        DC/DC converters
        DC/DC converter, 80 V/13 V (127-03)
        Lighting converters
        Lighting relays
        Control module- A2
        Switching on
        Changed switch sequence
        Charge resistor module -A11
        Electrical control - traction
        Traction power modules
        Seat switch
        Battery door lock switch
        Direction switch
        Parking brake
        Brake pedal switch
        Regenerative braking
        Improved reverse inching
        Maintenance interval monitoring
        Conditional compatibility
        Coding the power characteristic curve
        Drive axle temperature sensor
        Temperature sensor of the drive axle (plug)
        Inching control
        Speed reduction switch
        Electrical control - Steering
        Steering power module LAC 02 (127-03)
        Steering pump motor temperature sensor
        Accumulator pressure switch
        Electrical control - Display
        Driver's display
    70 Hydraulics
        Basic hydraulics
        Hydraulic and braking system schematic
        Hydraulic fluid level check
        Hydraulic filter replacement
        Hydraulic tank breather filter replacement
    71 Working hydraulics
        Pump unit
        Detailed drawing of hydraulic motor unit and pump unit
        Hydraulic motor and pump unit
        Pump motor in detail
        Pump motor
        Connection block
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