Characters: Narrator, Male Speaker, Female Speakers 1 and 2, Kay Buck


Narrator        Like Lucita, many undocumented immigrants come to the U.S. at great risk. There are more than 6 million of them in the labor force. They represent one in five roofers, one in five construction workers, one in four grounds maintenance workers, one in five maids, one in five agricultural workers.




Male Speaker   The United States will always be, to many countries, to many less advantaged countries, that shining city on the hill.



Speaker 1         (Translated, to English) I wanted to do something to get out of that poverty. I wanted to go to school, but I couldn't because you need money for that. I couldn't get ahead because I could not get an education.


Male Speaker   There will always be people who are willing to make a sacrifice to come to this country. They believe in America, and they end up here. It is our responsibility to do something about their situation.



Speaker 2         There is a need for workers, and those are the places where traffickers are going to have their people.


Kay Buck          There's sex trafficking, of course. There's labor trafficking. We have a lot of cases that involve domestic servitude. Part of it is demand. There's certainly a demand for cheap labor. There's a demand for commercial sex. I think beyond that, the root cause is really around trade policies as well as immigration policies
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