Create a class to encapsulate the data and behavior of a product in a store's inventory.  The class should have the following data for an inventory item:
            Product Number - String
            Description - String
            Quantity on hand - int
            Product Price - double 

Use appropriate access modifiers when defining the data 

Code accessor and mutator (get and set) methods for all class instance variables. Be sure to follow the class style and use _<classInstanceVariable as the name for the parameter corresponding to the class instance variable. (Note the “_” starting the parameter name.) 

If the product number or description is blank, or the values passed for the quantity or price are not valid, leave the associated instance variable unchanged. 

Create a class method to calculate and return the total amount for the product based on the quantity on hand and the product price. 

Use appropriate modifiers when creating the methods

The main method in this class should create an instance of Product.  It should then read inventory information from a text file named Inventory.txt and use the class mutators to put the information into the Product object.  The Product object should then be passed to a method to display product information using the class accessors and member method. 

The Inventory.txt file contains colon delimited fields for the product number, description, quantity on hand, and the product price for each inventory item.  Upload this file from Moodle and use it in your application.
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