Extended Film Styles Set LE - Sample Styles

Extended Film Styles Set LE - 7 sample styles.

Extended Film Styles Set LE (Layer Enhanced) - is the next step in creative work with color in Capture One for experienced photographers.
In Extended Set you will find a lot of entirely new film styles and artistic variations of styles for the most popular films.
Film Grain emulation styles is also an exclusive feature of the Extended Set.
Learn more - http://1styles.pro/extended-set/

Recently Phase One presented a fantastic Capture One Pro 11 - now we can use styles in layers and change their opacity.
We've updated Film Styles to be compatible with Capture One 11's new features and released them as Layer Enhanced (LE) editions.
Click here to see what you can create now with our styles and Capture One Pro 11 - http://1styles.pro/film-styles-in-layers
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