120 : Miss Vicky, the Revving Queen ... is back !!

Yes Sirs,  Miss Vicky the Revving Queen is back!

She wears a coat, a skirt and a pair of roman sandals with heels. She is ready to rock on this Panda!

She gets into the Panda and starts talking with it..."Will you make me rev you for a bit? You are so cold and I have to heat you up..."

So after a bit of pedal pumping, the Panda comes into life :) Vicky wants to hear the little engine roar, and so she starts pressing the accelerator at first slowly, then faster and harder...

The Panda engine follows her foot and gives her a beautiful melody coming out from the exhaust!

She then decides to go bare feet to feel better the accelerator...she continues burning all the fuel in the tank for her pleasure...

With two cams pointing on her feet and on her face you can see and feel her pleasure in revving and hearing the panda!

Will the Panda stalls? Will the engine survive at the end? Will Vicky arrive at her meeting on time?
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