NSCI 280 Week 2 Anatomy & Physiology Revealed Worksheets

*************************************NSCI 280 Entire Course Linkhttps://uopcourses.com/category/nsci-280/*************************************NSCI 280 Week 2 Anatomy & Physiology Revealed Worksheets Resources: The Integumentary System; APR eBook; and the NSCI/280 Companion SiteComplete the following Anatomy & Physiology Revealed® 3.0 (APR) workbook exercises and animations that correspond with this week’s readings. Download the workbook to make it easier to follow; alternatively, toggle back and forth with the Alt + Tab keys as you view the APR® images.§  Ch. 4§  Use the Search tools to search for and look at images of the following tissues:§  Simple squamous epithelium§  Simple cuboidal epithelium§  Simple columnar epithelium§  Stratified squamous epithelium§  Pseudostratified epithelium§  Transitional epithelium§  Loose connective tissue§  Osseous tissue§  Dense connective tissue§  Skeletal muscle tissue§  Smooth muscle tissue§  Cardiac muscle tissue§  Ch. 5§  Go to Ch. 4: The Integumentary System of the APR workbook.§  Complete exercises 4.1, 4.3a, and 4.3b. Transfer answers to the The Integumentary System document.Submit your completed worksheets to the faculty member.Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
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