JavaPizza ContactList

JavaPizza ContactList



At the beginning of all your programs, put a comment box that includes the program name, your name, and a brief description of the program.


Program Name:

Programmer's Name: Student Name

Program Description: Describe here what this program will do
How to submit your assignment: 

    The programs must have the same names as the assignment title.

    Each Java source file (*.java) must include a corresponding class file (*.class) program as evidence of success.

    In addition to the program source code files and byte code files, put all your program source code files and screen shots of your program output files into a Word document.

    You must use a zipped folder to send your weekly assignment to the Dropbox. Do not send subfolders within your zipped folder. Place all of the .java and .class files for the week into the one zipped folder. The zip folder should be named CIS355A_YourLastName_iLab_Week6, and this zip folder will contain all the weekly programming assignments. 

Required Software


Steps: 1 and 2

Lab Steps

Step 1: JavaPizza 

Develop an application using a JTabbedPane to order a pizza. You will need to ask the customer for their name and phone number. You will ask for the size (choose one) and toppings (choose many) and compute the total. After computing the total, provide a button to display the order summary, which includes the name, phone number, size, toppings, and total. The prices are listed below. Screenshots of a possible solution are included. Your application must include four tabs and open a new window when the button is clicked. 

    Small:  8.00

    Medium: 10.00

    Large: 12.00 

Each topping is 2.00 extra. 

Five images of customer information Bob Smith with phone number, Size Medium pizza, Toppings Mushroom and Onion, Total 14.00 and Order Summary 

Step 2: Contact List

Develop a Java application to add a contact into the contact table, and display all contacts in the contact table. The contact table contains two columns, FullName, and PhoneNumber. Both values are text data. Use JOptionPanes to ask for the contact data, and display a confirmation message when the contact is added. Display the list of contacts in the console. Screenshots of a possible solution are included. 

Input contact full name, input contact phone number, message contact added; console java with contact list information.

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