Kendra Holliday's Head Shave and other Adventures - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Come join Kendra Holliday on her new journey as a bald woman. You'll get access to her thoughts of her upcoming head shave, as well as her after interview where she relates her experience. Visit the three different shops where she searches for the perfect wig, one of which is before she begins her life as a beautiful bald woman. Then it's time for the head shaving event! Both Kendra Holliday and Kat Surth both wore latex dresses, and Kat had caped her with a heavy black vinyl cape, on stage at the Koken Art Factory in St. Louis, Missouri. Kendra was quite nervous - as I would be too if I was having 2+ feet of hair cut off and a straight-edge shaved too! An extremely large pair of scissors, haircutting scissors, manual clippers, and the Osters Progenics were also used to rid her of her long locks. First, the two braids are cut off with a scissors, and then the large scissors and manual clippers cut the rest of the ponytail off from the scalp. Lather and a straight-edge razor freed Kendra Holliday of stubble. Afterwords, there is a brief interview, then with the reveal and another interview the next day. Wow, such much fun packed into one video! To learn more about Kendra Holliday, visit her website,

Duration approx 113, screen size 720x480, format .wmv
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