One Coat Only Distressed Finish

Stuck with huge dark pieces in your home? Want to change it fast without spending a ton of time going over and over with paint? Here is the perfect solution for you! Kari will tell you exactly what she used and how she only had to use one coat of everything to get a large entertainment console to a happier, lighter, distressed finish. No need to sand and go over and over with paint. One coat and you're there! If you are short on time and supplies, grab this video and see how you too can start changing what is bothering you or too dark in your home! This one coat finish can be applied to not only large furniture but small furniture too. The possibilites are endless with this technique because it's so fast and easy to learn. Watch this video and learn right now how you can get a beautiful finish fast!

Grab the products in this video:

Rustolem Chalked Paint:

Rustoleum Clear Coat:

Chip Brushes:

Modern Masters Metallic Paint:

Detail Brushes:
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