2018 Editing Pack for after effects -

Hi, thanks for downloading my 2018 Editing Pack, hope you enjoy!

I have made almost everything in this pack apart from 2 green screens and the shockwave overlays. It took a while to make and i had some difficulties but its here now and everything should be working. If there is something wrong then please contact me via twitter or just comment on the video.

*What you need*

Certain effects will require these plug-ins:
-magic bullet looks
-Optical flares

I have labelled all the Color corrections to have MBL or AE next to them, this should help when applying, the mbl means magic bullet looks btw. Most on shot effects and transitions use twitch, there are some that dont though. the flares are labeled OF or AE, to determine from optical flares plug in or after effects only.

The overlays dont need any plug ins however i advise getting keylight 1.2 for the green screens so you can remove the green.

*How to Install*
Just drag this whole folder (Plexversal 2018 Editing pack) into your after effects presets folder. Most people can find this in the following path:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2017\Support Files\Presets
If you installed it here, then you can open this just by copying and pasting into run box (windows key + R)
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