465 : Desperate cranking mom - Starring Miss Amy

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Added on June 4, 2019

Miss Amy is trying to get away from her partner, he hasn't been
treating her well and she wants to leave him. He has gone out and this is her opportunity to get away with her son. She knows she only has a small window of opportunity as it won't be long before he comes home ...

Miss Amy is heading to her car in a hurry, and she  tells you to sit in the front seat You can sit in the front with mummy today.  Amy closes the door and she walk round to the drivers door and enters the car herself.

She hurriedly puts the keys in the ignition and begins trying to start the car. The car doesn't start, Amy is pumping and holding the pedal to the floor. It sounds like it wants to start but it won't fire up. Whilst Amy is cranking she is looking anxiously out of the passenger window and she is very softly begging the car to start but ... the car won't!

Amy is now in full panic mode : she thinks she has seen her partners car, she locks her door and reaches across to lock your door also. She is crying her eyes out and begging the car desperately to start.

Will she be able to drive away with her son far away from her bad partner?