COMM 470 Week 2 DQ 3

There are many types of communication media available to managers in today’s organizations. Items such as email, phone, face-to-face meeting, webcams, software which allows everyone to be on at once, VOIP, and shared whiteboards are specific types of communication that can be used in the virtual workplace. Things that should be taken into account are issues such as media security, privacy, and reliability of the discussion. An example of a specific medium to communicate at my profession is group conferencing. Each supervisor of our department leads a different division and each of these divisions is separated by counties. Therefore they must converse through a conference call. These are conducted every morning to go over the daysagenda and any problems that may have occurred from the night before. There does not seem to be an issue of privacy as I can hear the morning meeting most days. I believe it should be behind closed doors. Reliability is prevalent in these meetings as all the supervisors have a rapport trust one another. Security is not usually an issue but if it were I believe the group conferencing is more secure so long as each supervisor keeps it behind closed doors as electronic messaging can be hacked.
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