MIRACLE OF TAXILA (Award-Winning Inspirational Documentary) Digital Download

The true story of how an the compassion of a few individuals can change the lives of tens of thousands.  Christian missionaries Dr. Norval and Dorothy Christy moved to the new country of Pakistan in 1947 as newlyweds, to help provide medical care for the hundreds of thousands of refugees created by India's bloody "partition".  They stayed for over 40 years, curing blindness in tens of thousand of poor Muslims and creating an amazing surgical system that allowed Dr. Christy to personally perform more than 100,000 eye surgeries in his career.  This film gives and fresh and important look at how Christians can work with Muslims for the benefit of the poor.  A winner of the CFDA "Best Documentary" award, MIRACLE OF TAXILA was produced by White Lion Pictograph.  Cinematography by Esdras Giddy, Music by Paul Mills, Narrated by Jeanette Clift George.   This film was funded by the World Lens Project (now the World Cataract Foundation) http://www.worldcataract.org/#!our-history/cfjk    To see a recent interview with the late Dr. Christy a short time before his death, visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfggse-WbUo

NOTE:  Download rights allow you to own the video for personal use, and for showing or any related use in Churches, Youth Groups, Bible Studies, Schools, etc.  It may be placed in a church or school media library for future use.  Please do not re-sell the video and do not post publicly online.  It already exists on YouTube and is free for all to see.

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