Mitsubishi Electric Forklift Truck FB40, FB45, FB50 Workshop Service Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Workshop Service Manual for Mitsubishi Electric Forklift Truck FB-Series.

Original factory manuals for Mitsubishi Lift Trucks contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate, maintenance and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable, without restrictions, contains Searchable Text and bookmarks

Covered models:

Format: PDF, 306 Pages
Language: English

    Drive compartment
    General Truck Data
    Test and Setting Values
    Parameter and options setting
    Pedal mode
    Lift parameter setting
    Force to zero
    Hydraulic functions locked for Multi Pilot trucks
    Steering parameter settings
    Operating Program Setting
    Truck Standard Parameter Setting
    Battery Parameter Setting
    Disk brake
    Brake system
    Spring-loaded parking brake
    Block diagram
    Electrical System
    Service note:
    Display in Error Logbook
    Diagnostic Mode
    Service LISA
    Commissioning with the Service LISA
    Parameter Overview
    Exposing the traction and lift controllers
    Exposing the CANION interface
    Electrical fuses
    Solo pilot connector layout
    Multi pilot connector layout
    Travel switch/Accelerator pedal
    Controller Functional Description
    Exposing the traction and lift controllers
    Traction current controller
    Operating Instructions
    Wiring Diagrams
    Hydraulic system
    Solo Pilot Block Diagram
    Multi-Pilot Block Diagram
    Hydraulic System
    Control valve
    Chassis / load section connection
    Maintenance of Mitsubishi Products
    Maintenance checklist
    Additional test items for UVV inspection
    Steering system block diagram
    Steering axle Design
    Power steering pump
    Steering system
    SLC 018 305 Steering Controller
    Checking the Electrical Installation
    Operating the Steering Computer
    Special Function Menu
    Operating Data Display
    I/O Data Display (Diagnostics)
    Error Log
    Axle Adjustment
    Starting an Adjustment
    Preparing Steering Mode
    Version Display
    Error List (not password protected)
    Brake Design
    Brake Disassembly
    Brake and Gearbox Housing Assembly
    Spring-Loaded Brake Assembly / Cylinder Length Adjustment
    Bleeding the Brake System
    Speed sensor
    Steering angle sensor replacement / adjustment
    Spring Loaded Brake Test and Removal
    Main brake cylinder (single stage)
    Maintenance and Repairs
    Measuring the minimum braking ratio and braking distance
    FB series
    Guidelines for Installing Brake Lines
    Parking Brakes
    Steering Aux. Motor Connection Layout
    Fork Arms
    Length check of load chains
    Control valve standard setting
    Optional version for large auxiliary consumers
    Pressure relief valve setting (DBV)
    Checking the line break safety device
    Lowering speed setting
    Information and Service Display
    Instrument panel and LCD display
    Functional description and display functions
    Switch functions
    Instructions for the prevention of accidents and damage to equipment when performing servicing,
    checking and repair operations on fork lift trucks equipped with electronic assemblies
    Instructions for the prevention of functional failures and damage
    to equipment when performing cleaning operations on fork lift truck .
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