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To be honest, who doesn´t love long hair? It is an amazing natural beauty that has existed in all human history, and that began to become extremely popular in the media and social media in 2016/2017, think about that!
This year, 2018, is going to be even bigger! Super long hair is EVERYWHERE!
That means we´re at the right place at the right time!

It has been popular before, and it has been a lot of long hair videos and pictures online, but not as much as now, with our Instagram, YouTube channel and webpage growing bigger and bigger by each day as well as other Instagrammers and social media profiles showcasing it.

It has become a HUGE trend, and it is the women and girls that chose to grow their hair super long, to have patience through all the opposition, struggles and hair care, that we really have to thank, that today have super long hair, and this trend has grown so big because of them.
However, we and the long hair world would not even have been close to how big it is today without all the support from you, our customer, so thank you for buying and enjoying our content!

Kateryna is one of those women who really had patience to grow her hair to the amazing length and quality she has today; knee length and very healthy, shiny, silky and soft.
She is a true long hair lover, and so is her friend, which you really, really can tell by the video.
This is a special video containing great hair play by Kateryna and her friend, sitting in a bed while her friend is caring for her hair, smelling it, brushing it, feeling hwo sillky it is, wrapping it around her neck and doing much more!
This is a great hair video with some funny scenes in it, and it is super cute!
A great video that works for everything, and perfect for relaxation, as well as putting a smile on your face!

This video is over 11 minutes in length.

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