PHI 105 Week 7 Comparison Paper.

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PHI 105 Week 7 Comparison Paper

For this assignment, you
will write an outline before you write your paper. Use the outline as an
organizational tool to help you arrange your thoughts logically. Construct your
outline after you have selected your topic and done your initial research.

Resource: Writing Wizard at the Center for Writing

Outline your paper using the
Thesis Generator at the Center for Writing Excellence; a link is available on
the student website. Your outline does not need to have complete sentences,
punctuation, or paragraphs.

  • Include some
    ideas for the following items in your outline:

    • Thesis statement

    • Itemized supportive arguments

    • Conclusion statement

  • Submit a
    screen shot of your Thesis Generator result.

  • Use the
    outline as a basic template to organize your ideas and develop this essay.

Write a 700- to 1400-word
essay exploring various schools of thought from India, China, or Japan. Select
one school of thought each from China, Japan, and India, and identify a
prominent thinker from each.

  • Describe
    each school of thought, setting forth the major principles of each school.

  • Describe
    your selected thinker’s philosophies as applicable to his/her school of

  • Compare each
    school to the others from the region.

  • Discuss
    which school of thought more closely aligns with your own world view and

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit your paper as a Microsoft® Word®
document to the Assignments tab.

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