College Accounting: P10-3A Champion Contractors completed the following transactions

College Accounting
P10-3A Computing and revising depreciation; revenue and capital expenditures
Champion Contractors completed the following transactions and events involving the purchase and operation of equipment in its business. 
Jan. 1 Paid $ 287,600 cash plus $ 11,500 in sales tax and $ 1,500 in transportation (FOB shipping point) for a new loader. The loader is estimated to have a four-year life and a $20,600 salvage value. Loader costs are recorded in the Equipment account. 
Jan. 3 Paid $ 4,800 to enclose the cab and install air conditioning in the loader to enable operations under harsher conditions. This increased the estimated salvage value of the loader by another $ 1,400. 
Dec. 31 Recorded annual straight-line depreciation on the loader. 
Jan. 1 Paid $ 5,400 to overhaul the loader's engine, which increased the loader's estimated useful life by two years. 
Feb. 17 Paid $ 820 to repair the loader after the operator backed it into a tree. 
Dec. 31 Recorded annual straight- line depreciation on the loader. 

Prepare journal entries to record these transactions and events.
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