Dangerous_By, Mickey Black

Being married to Caleb Thorne, of the revered Thorne family, an ambitious politician, wasn't all it was cracked up to be. After growing tired of Caleb's unfaithfulness and neglect, Mia demands a divorce. However, when her husband informs her she isn't going anywhere, she embarks on path filled with deadly secrets. Mia hatches a plan to use blackmail to get exactly what she wants. ‎She's completely clueless that her mission for freedom and independence will come at a DANGEROUS price.

In search of incriminating evidence, Mia hires private investigator Antonio Alba, The Guapo, to uncover her husband's dangerous connections to a notorious South American drug lord.
She can't help her instant attraction to the sexy Latino which sparks an illustrious affair. Mia's body awakens under Antonio's touch to reveal a woman buried inside she didn't know existed.

However, when tragedy strikes, all bets are off. Mia is force to make a decision, and fast. ‎Or else she will become a casualty in a dangerous game of sex, lies, and murder.
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