Acc557 Financial Accounting: E1-11 Two items are omitted from (Plunkett Co and Herring Enterprises)

Acc557 Financial Accounting
Two items are omitted from each of the following summaries of balance sheet and income statement data for two corporations for the year 2015, Plunkett Co. and Herring Enterprises.
Plunkett Co.     Herring Enterprises    
Beginning of year:
  Total assets 97,000 122,000
  Total liabilities     85,000 (c)
  Total stockholders’ equity     (a) 75,000
End of year:                
  Total assets     160,000 180,000
  Total liabilities     120,000 50,000
  Total stockholders’ equity     40,000 130,000
Changes during year in stockholders’ equity:                
  Additional investment     (b) 25,000
  Dividends     15,000 (d)
  Total revenues     215,000 100,000
  Total expenses     175,000 55,000

Determine the missing amounts.
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