Official Motion Pack '15 V4

V4: Ink drop stocks Compressed video files for faster downloads Fixed HDRI file Typography section including transitions ink drops, abstract images New colour corrections! -- V3 contains tutorials including Rio 2 part intro tutorial, fluorescent light modelling, shockwave tutorials. -- A motion pack containing everything from lightrooms down to colour corrections and will really improve the quality of your work. New stuff! HUD spinners(used in the glitch style) 2 New MBL CCs Updated Logo .ai pack New particles Plexus Template and stocks :D Everything included: Colour corrections(Magic Bullet Looks) Sound effects(Bass drops, risers, mechanical sounds swishes, gears, beeps) Clan/Team (57) .ai path pack(all well known/teams I have been in or am a part of) Lightrooms(Including my subliminal V2 intro setup and standard lightroom Stocks(Bright flares, energy blasts, smoke pops+atmosphere smoke and floating particles) Letterbox effect(16:9 effect with a 720p and 1080p ver)
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