GEN 201 Week 3 Phoenix Career Services

Complete the Career Plan activities:
• Career Interest Profiler
• Competencies
• Preferred Work Culture
Write at least 350-words discussing the results from the Career Interest Profiler, Competencies, and Work Culture Preferences activities.
Include the following in your summary:
• Describe your competencies and how they reflect your work culture preferences?
• Do these competencies intersect with your potential career? Explain.
• Why are the competencies important to your career goals?
• How can learning about your reasoning skills help improve a work environment?
• Complete the "How aware are you of how you learn" section on p. 58 of Keys to Success. How does your personal learning style influence your career competencies?
Note. You may have completed the Career Plan activities in your enrollment or orientation processes. If you did, locate your results on the Phoenix Career Services site, which you can access by clicking the Careers tab in the classroom header.
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